Beau Bay Property Management offering:

Service overview:

  • The sales/marketing and administration of your property for short term rentals.    The advertising, booking, administration and payment of short term bookings.  Customer management.  Scheduling cleaning and turnaround management.  Maintenance if required.
  • Value:
    • Proactive marketing:  The property is actively marketed on 5 or more websites with cross marketing & strong agent network.
    • Higher Revenue,  occupation rate is dependent on current market, appeal of house, location.
    • Proactive management; Quarterly visits plus cleaners servicing available.
    • 10 years networking & brand

Property type fit:

  • Newly built or renovated, well furnished property in the Bayside area.   Kitchens & bathrooms are modern or modernized.  Furnishings, non-personal, neutral quality 4 star equivalent.  The property must meet 4 star RACV levels.   Good location (shops, beach, station, schools).
  • The property would need to provide utilities, foxtel, local land line & wifi.
  • Minimum 1 year contract, do not do not do less than 1 year.

Start up and ongoing costs:

  • Setup fee:
  • Marketing fee ongoing:
  • Management fee: